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Gopuram at the Chidambaram temple

The Nataraja temple and Natyanjali at Chidambaram

Chidambaram, a piligrimage place in Tamil Nadu state, South India is a small town, 75kms away from Pondicherry, now Puthucherry – a French Colony, and approximately 200kms from Chennai (capital of Tamil Nadu). The centric part of this town is Nataraja Temple located right in the centre of the town. There are 4 main streets […]

Underground city in Kaymakli, Cappadocia region, Turkey

Underground cities and beautiful valleys in Turkey

Cappadocia region in Turkey is one such place on this earth which is stunningly beautiful and mysterious both above and under the ground. The days are warm and the nights are cold! Such a mysteriously exotic place. We had our base in the Cappadocia Cave Resort in Uchiser. Since Nevsehir is the main city and […]

Fairy Chimneys in the Cappadoccia region, Turkey

Cappadocia in Exotic Turkey – Goreme and Zelve

Turkey is really exotic and diversified in terms of its food, culture, land scape and people! Right from the day of planning, Turkey was a must to see in our list and I am so glad we could make it. As we had very limited time, for Turkey, we decided to check out Istanbul and then […]

Beautiful Belgium – Bruges

It being listed as one of “World Heritage Cities” by UNESCO, someone said that we would be crazy if we headed off from Belgium without visiting Bruges. So we made sometime to visit this small but beautiful and romantic city. Filled with canals, boating is definitely the most popular way to go round the city. […]

Beautiful Belgium – Brussels

From Amsterdam we headed off to Brussels. After a train got cancelled and the  next train got delayed, we finally made it to Brussels. First impression in the train station is, there were not many station staff on the concourse or platforms and there were no english signs or announcements. We paid our first visit […]