A father and son, all set for a day of ski and taboganning!

Snowy region! There is something for everyone!

What better way to holiday than to hit the slopes. Snowy Mountains in New South Wales, about 5.5 hrs drive from Sydney, offers a range of choices for the snow enthusiasts in the country and over seas. The resorts like Perisher, Thredbo and Charlotte Pass offer a retreat to both the adventure lovers and the […]

2 Planes Cris-Crossing at Brighton-Le-Sands

Watching planes at Brighton-Le-Sands

Who doesnt love watching planes take-off and land? Ever since humans have learnt to fly, watching and admiring the planes is one of the most fascinating moments for both kids and adults alike. Brighton-Le-Sands is one of our favorite spot in Sydney. This is located in southern Sydney, Cronulla suburb, close to Cook’s park (good […]

Spotting of a juvenile Grey Nurse Shark at the Bowen Island, Jervis Bay

Snorkelling at Jervis Bay

Jervis Bay, renowned for its beautiful beaches, arguably world’s whitest sands, is one of our favourite spots in New South Wales. Snorkeling at Jervis Bay was a great experience and gave us an opportunity to see exceptional marine like the Grey Nurse Shark, Blue Groper, Yellow Tail fishes etc. Dive Jervis Bay runs diving and snorkeling trips from Huskisson Point.

Duck Diving at Bowen Island, Jervis Bay

Snorkelling at Jervis Bay, The Gallery

Snorkeling at Jervis Bay was unique and fun. While the area doesnt have corals like tropical climate, Bowen island in the region is definitely worth checking out. It is home to weedy sea dragon, blue devil fish, blue groper, grey nurse sharks and the lovely yellow tail fishes.

Gopuram at the Chidambaram temple

The Nataraja temple and Natyanjali at Chidambaram

Chidambaram, a piligrimage place in Tamil Nadu state, South India is a small town, 75kms away from Pondicherry, now Puthucherry – a French Colony, and approximately 200kms from Chennai (capital of Tamil Nadu). The centric part of this town is Nataraja Temple located right in the centre of the town. There are 4 main streets […]

Gardens at Evanslea

Boutique and unique stays in NSW

We had been looking around for some boutique and unique accommodations and here is a small list of hideouts we love and why 😉 PaperBark Camp, Jervis Bay This, in a bush camping setting is glamorous camping! You have a king bed, a private ensuite with standup shower and a bathtub in a deluxe tent. […]